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    ADC ADSCOPE Unisex Platinum Edition Stethoscope

    ADC’s adjustable frequency design (AFD) technology provides the acoustic response of a traditional bell and diaphragm in a convenient one-sided chestpiece. Light pressure for low, bell-type frequency, firm pressure for high, diaphragm-type frequency. The oversized ovoid-shaped chestpiece enhances acoustic performance while improving ergonomics. A sculpted chestpiece machined from zinc alloy plated with an attractive satin stainless finish. The non-chill diaphragm retaining rim offers patient comfort. Clinician headset boasts reinforcing yoke molded into the flexible 22" PVC tubing. Stainless-steel binaurals are fixed at 15º angle for greater comfort (Tactical model has aluminum binaurals). Adsoft™ Plus snap-on silicone eartips for the ultimate in wearing comfort and acoustic seal. The accessory kit provides spare Adsoft™ Plus eartips and scope ID tag. The stethoscope weighs 5.4 oz (152 g), though the weight may vary depending on finish. The overall length is 30.5". Inspected, assembled, and packaged in the USA. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

    ADC ADSCOPE-Ultra Lite Clinician Stethoscope

    Weighing just 3.7 oz, the all new ADC Adscope 619 is a durable yet lightweight instrument with the acoustic performance you would expect from a scope costing two or three times more. The combination chestpiece precisely machined from lightweight aluminum, offers both an ultra-sensitive diaphragm for crisper high frequency transmission and an extra-deep bell for unsurpassed low frequency response. Our AFD technology diaphragm further enhances acoustic response, with an extra-large 1 3/8" diameter bell and highly sensitive 1 3/4" diaphragm. The clinician headset, designed to withstand thousands of cycles, features a double-leaf tensioning a spring and a reinforcing yoke molded into 22-inch PVC tubing. Includes both large and small Adsoft Plus eartips and scope ID tag. Individually acoustic tested and inspected in the USA. Lifetime warranty and free parts forever.

    ADC Unisex Clinician Acoustic Stethoscope

    The Adscope® 603 clinician stethoscope is one of the most popular acoustic scopes in the industry! The 603 model combines outstanding acoustic performance with rugged durability, now with AFD technology to provide an enhanced acoustic response in an adult diaphragm. This scope includes an accessory kit with 2 pairs of spare Adsoft™ Plus eartips, Scope ID Tag included. It weighs 5.77 oz. (165 gr) and has an overall length of 31". ADC offers a lifetime warranty to cover all parts.

    ADC Unisex Convertible Cardiology Stethoscope

    Combining AFD technology with a convertible design adds up to the most versatile ADC Cardiology stethoscope. A Stethoscope ID Tag will be included. The overall length is 28". ADC offers a lifetime warranty to cover all parts.

    ADC Unisex Convertible Clinician Stethoscope

    The Adscope 608 convertible clinician stethoscope is ADC’s latest addition to the Clinician Series line of stethoscopes and is certain to become a practitioner favorite! Combining AFD technology with a convertible design, the ADC Adscope 608 provides adult diaphragm/bell or adult/pediatric diaphragm configurations. The extra-large bell (1.375" diameter) gives unsurpassed low-frequency response. The ultra-sensitive diaphragm (1.75" diameter) offers amplification and a crisper high-frequency response. Adjustable Frequency Design (AFD) technology further enhances acoustic response, using light pressure for low frequencies and firm pressure for high frequencies. The non-chill bell and diaphragm retaining rims are for patient comfort. The clinician headset boasts reinforcing yoke molded into flexible 22" PVC tubing and stainless steel binaurals fixed at 15º angle for greater comfort. Adsoft Plus silicone eartips are included for ultimate comfort and an acoustic seal. ADC offers a lifetime warranty to cover all parts.

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