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    Product Highlight: RothWear
    Product Highlight: RothWear
    Introducing RothWear
    When it comes to fashion, men need attention too! That's exactly what RothWear, a brand developed by MedCouture, has done with their new line of men's scrubs. RothWear was built from the ground up, paying attention to the fine details resulting in scrubs that offer premium...
    Product Highlight: Pocketless Scrubs
    Product Highlight: Pocketless Scrubs There are a variety of professions that utilize scrubs as a clean uniform for their employees. Some industries need simple scrubs, and that's why we carry pocketless scrubs!
    Jockey Retro breathes new life into old school style
    Jockey Retro breathes new life into old school style
    Everyone loves Throwback Thursdays so how about some Throwback Scrubs? Jockey just released their Retro collection - six limited edition throwback styles that combine nostalgic style with modern flair. With two tops, two pants, a tee, and a super cute jacket, Jockey Retro scrubs are a fun collection...
    Promotional Products to the Rescue
    Promotional Products to the Rescue The e-commerce landscape is constantly changing, following suit with the coronavirus pandemic. Although a lot of businesses have had to shut their doors, some businesses have been able to adapt and dive further into the e-commerce world.
    Product Highlight: LifeThreads
    Product Highlight: LifeThreads When it comes to scrubs, the most important detail is comfort and protection. That’s why we love LifeThreads scrubs! Haven’t heard of LifeThreads before? Well, LifeThreads scrubs are all about the fabric: their fabric is antimicrobial, providing an active barrier between what is encountered at work and those who wear them!