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    Product Highlight: LifeThreads

    Product Highlight: LifeThreads

    When it comes to scrubs, the most important detail is comfort and protection. That’s why we love LifeThreads scrubs! Haven’t heard of LifeThreads before? Well, LifeThreads scrubs are all about the fabric: their fabric is antimicrobial, providing an active barrier between what is encountered at work and those who wear them! This fabric is so great that it also has antifungal properties, controlling odor as well as providing a fluid barrier. One of the more important components of these scrubs is that the technology blocks the reproduction of fungi. Fungi tend to be more complex than bacteria, causing more problems for healthcare workers. So, the antifungal technology creates an extra layer of protection for those who wear LifeThreads scrubs. These scrubs definitely pack a punch against any micro-agent! Due to the quality of the fabric, these garments will survive repeated washings and the antimicrobial protection will survive for the garment’s entire lifetime. On top of that, these scrubs feature moisture wicking technology, helping the wearer remain cool and comfortable during those long and continually changing work days. Check out the LifeThreads catalog here.